Ups and Downs

People don’t realize that people with bipolar disorder have normal ups and downs like everybody else. They seem like they want to stick you in a psych hospital at the first manic or depressed mood. Granted that manic episodes can be terrifying to those around the person and to the person having one. Those need to be addressed quickly and appropriately. What I am talking about are just ups and downs of everyday life. I can be up one day and down the next. Now when I start hallucinating and thinking I have a hot line to the Lord, then I need to be hospitalized quickly. I won’t argue with that. What I am talking about are feeling good and that everything is going my way and then feeling a little sad or a little down because of the anniversary of the loss of a friend or a loved one. Or I may not have gotten the job or promotion that I thought I was getting. Now if it lasts several weeks or a month then it needs to be addressed.

I don’t like having this illness and I wish I didn’t have it and I was like everybody else. However, I have it and I have a choice to make the best of it and help others who have the disease as well. I want to try and educate people who do not have mental illness what it is like to have it and ways that they can help. I don’t want people thinking that everyone who has a mental illness are deranged killers. I will probably do something to myself and not to others around me. I am not homicidal. I don’t keep guns or anything that I might use on myself. I don’t believe in carrying or owning them contrary to popular opinion.

These are my opinions so I hope I don’t get hate mail for these comments.



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