I am rewriting my final paper and I am shifting the focus of the paper to today and the peaceful protests gone violent. I am going to argue that some people find it easier to take a gun and kill people in protest and instantaneously have it seen all over the world. I have not seen any clear leadership and structure. It is like violent chaos without soul and without meaning. No wonder people are flocking to ISIS with a structure and a soul of hate. Where is the army of light? Have we forgotten who we are?

Everyone seems to be mad at one another and pointing fingers at each other blaming them for the problem. I need to search for what the soul of the civil rights movement really was and how we can easily get it again. I think the soul of the movement was a spiritual belief in God. The music was the key to the whole thing and what kept it together and gave it strength. It had good leadership which came from the churches and absolutely refused to become violent no matter what. They were prepared to die for what they believed in.

We need that now more than ever with the clouds of ISIS forming around us. Many people are living in fear and they have every right to be afraid. When ISIS starts killing priests, then you know it is serious.

These are the things I need to be writing about which is very timely and to the point. Everyone jokes about a KUMBAYA moment. I think it is now a COME TO JESUS moment. Hopefully, I can express these things in my paper. Ann